The teaching activity
       The teaching activity in the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, the Ist Cycle - Bachelor Programme and IInd Cycle - Masters Programme is carried out in each faculty, according to the profiles and specialist domains established by the Academic College.

       The forms of activities  stipulated in the curricula are courses (C), seminars (S), practical works, laboratory, design, projects without a distinct grade (L), projects with distinct grade (P), practice activity (p).

       The assessment of the students' degree of training is made through grades, qualifications and credits, according to the methodology for organizing the study curricula in the European credit transfer system (ECTS). Credits represent numerical values assigned to the study subjects and are fully achieved by students when passing those disciplines, that is when getting the minimum grade 5 (five) or a "Passed" qualification. An academic year is usually assigned a number of credits almost equally distributed to the two semesters.

Ist and IInd Cycles
III rd Cycle - PhD
Post graduate courses
       The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest organizes PhD. Studies in the fundamental domain "Engineering Sciences" the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial engineering. Doctoral specialization in different fields reflects the areas of competences recognized in scientific research. The advanced university training programme makes use of transferable credits (CT).

       In addition to the studies for the Ist, IInd and IIIrd Cycles (according to the Bologna system) the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest also organizes Postgraduate Courses. Improvement Refresher courses are organized by the TUCEB on demand, for staff with higher or secondary education in different activity fields. The Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, through its Teacher Training Department, also organizes specialized courses for undergraduate school education staff.

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