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       Considering their experience and the substantial  research potential, during the last four years, the departments and the faculties of the University have focused on major fields of scientific, technological and public interest.

       The most significant research projects are given below: 

- Calculation and behaviour of reinforced concrete, masonry, metallic and wooden structures in case of seismic activity and stress.
- Seismic zoning of the Romanian territory
- Setting up the norms and standards in compliance with the current European legislation (civil engineering, building services, roads and railways, environmental protection, EUROCODES)
- Seismic response of the existing buildings and safety strategies
- Research concerning the modelling of the static and dynamic linear and non-linear response of standing structures in the field of transport infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways, tunnels) 
- Rebuilding, expansion and modernization of the water supply systems, sewage and sewage treatment
- Static and seismic response of hydraulic structures, as well as their risk and safety analyses
- Modern calculation programmes for modelling the soil-structure interaction
- Exploitation and protection of the underground water resources and the dispersion of the polluting agents in the porous and fluid media
- Improving the water supply networks
- Technologies of investigating and revaluating industrial waste
- Pollutants chemical analyses and physical and chemical methods of de-pollution
- Energetic efficiency of buildings, safety, stability and reliability of building services (thermal, refrigeration, sanitary, electric, illumination and air conditioning equipment)
- Appearance improvement of the installation equipment
- Environmental balances and impact studies
- Research concerning the hydro-mechanical driving systems, the automation and robotization of the technological processes in the field of civil engineering
- Research on vibrating drive machines and the machine dynamics
- Design and production of geodetic support networks. The modernization of the national geodetic network and its inclusion in the European networks
- Using the remote sensing data for obtaining information about the space
- Research focused on sitting up the cadastre computerized system for locality management by the local administrators, and others.

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