The IIIrd Cycle- PhD- Doctoral studies
        The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, in its capacity of an institution that organizes doctoral studies (IOSUD), acquired on the basis of the proposal made by the National Council for the Attestation of Academic Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates (C.N.A.T.D.C.U.) and of the approval issued by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, organizes Doctoral Studies (the 3rd cycle, Bologna) in the fundamental field of "Engineering Sciences", for  Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.
       Only graduates of the long-term academic studies, with a degree in engineering or other equivalent degrees, are entitled to matriculate for doctoral studies.

      Doctoral studies are organized as full-time studies and distance education. The duration of studies is of 3 years and, on request, it can be extended, observing the conditions stipulated by the legislation.

       Since the academic year 2008-2009, doctoral students have been granted European scholarships, issued on the basis of a financing contract with The Managing Authority for the Sector Operational Programme for Human Resources Development (MA SOP HRD-AM POSDRU).

      The 3rd cycle of higher education is dedicated to doctoral studies and organized in compliance with the "Regulation of organizing and running doctoral study programmes" and by observing the provisions of the curriculum approved by the board of TUCEB.

       The person admitted to doctoral studies is considered a doctoral student for the entire duration of the doctoral studies. According to the legal provisions in force, the capacity of a doctoral student is similar to that of a research assistant throughout the period of advanced academic education and to that of a researcher throughout the period of scientific research.
       A full or consultant professor, who is a member of the teaching staff of the university, is liable to coordinate doctoral studies at TUCEB. The status of a doctorate coordinator at TUCEB can also be granted to members of the Academy or 1st degree researchers, as well as to professors from other universities, provided that their affiliation is approved by the Senate of TUCEB.  

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