Teaching activity- Post graduate courses

Post-graduate courses organized by TUCEB

On request, the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest organizes various types of refresher courses.

Post-graduate courses address the staff with higher education in various fields.

Every faculty of TUCEB periodically organizes topical courses that contribute to the improvement of the trainees' skills in the field.


       The training activities are usually short-term courses, addressed both to experienced specialists in the field and to the staff at the beginning of their career. Depending on the demands, the courses can be theoretical and/or practical.

       Those who have chosen to take up post-graduate courses can file an application form addressed to the dean of the faculty. The courses start when the minimum number of trainees, previously established by the organisers, is met. 

       Besides the post-graduate courses organized by the faculties, the Teaching Staff Training Department within the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest organizes post-graduate studies for specializing in Information technology and echnological education.

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