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       The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest is a technical university that trains higher education specialists in the fields of civil engineering, building services engineering, mechanical engineering/technological equipment and machines, environmental engineering, geodesic engineering, management and engineering and systems engineering.

       The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, a direct descendant of the National School of Roads and Bridges founded, in Romania, nearly a century and a half ago, is nowadays the pennant of Technical Education in Romania. The curricula cover all the fields of civil engineering and environmental protection, as well as adjacent fields such as building services, technological equipment, geodesy. In recent years, the curricula have been diversified and, presently, they include specialist domains in the field of systems engineering, as well as that of foreign languages.

       With a rich tradition and outstanding teaching staff, who have set and are still setting the benchmarks in engineering education and who have also contributed and are still contributing to the completion of certain reference works in our country, the University is accredited for all higher education cycles - bachelor, master and PhD studies. Currently, there are over 8,000 students matriculated for the first two cycles and over 600  doctoral students.

       The teaching staff comprises about 540 members, with an equal balance between full and associate professors, lecturers, young assistants and teaching assistants. The entire teaching staff is engaged in research, design and consulting activities, directly contributing to offering knowledge in the field as well as to financing the  development programmes.

       Following the institutional assessment of 2009, the University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest has won a HIGH CONFIDENCE rank which proves that the University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest has all the necessary equipment and teaching staff to achieve high quality education.

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