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       "Conspress Publishing House" began its activity in 1993 and was given its operation approval by the Ministry of Education, and later the final approval from the Ministry of Culture, in 1997.
       The " Conspress Publishing House" publishes -  both for students and university professors - university  textbooks , treatises, papers of symposia and conferences held in the university, collections of problems, laboratory work and design guidance. It also prints the Scientific Bulletin of the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest.

       The publishing house is accredited by the National Council of Research in Higher Education.

       To be more flexible in providing the book production in any circulation, in the past two years, Conspress acquired state of the art technology, such as desktop publishing equipment, black and white printing and copying equipment, a broaching machine with thermal paste, a stitching machine, a paper and cardboard guillotine, a wire sewing machine, high speed copying machines A3 (risograf) and a spiral filing machine.

Library Director
Doina Raducan

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Lacul Tei bvd,  no. 122-124
Code 020396, Sector 2
Tel.: 40 21 242.12.08
Fax: +40 21 242.07.81
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