Departmental Organization and Management / Internal Regulations
       TUCEB is a university with basic higher education and research activities, a distinct academic community that functions in compliance with the Romanian Constitution, the education legislation in force and other legal regulations in Romania; it is a non-profit organization with a legal status.

       The academic structures, decision-making competencies, the system of nominating the TUCEB leadership and the principles and specific rules by which the members of the university community operate within the academic space, as well as the regulations regarding the activity of the auxiliary  and technical-administrative teaching staff  are described in TUCEB's Chart.

       The overall teaching, research, management and financial-administrative activity in TUCEB is compliant with the national and domestic legislation in force and approved in the TUCEB Senate sessions.

       The general framework regarding the labor discipline within TUCEB, adamant for an optimum management of the university internal activity is established in accordance with an Internal Regulation. 

       Teaching and research in TUCEB is organized in faculties and departments and the technical - administrative services include departments, divisions, secretariats and other technical and administrative units whose components and correlations are described in TUCEB's Organization Chart. This chart is available for public consultation on TUCEB's official website (

       The management structures of the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest are: the University Senate, the Academic Board, the Administration Board, faculty boards, the management bureaus of the departments and divisions.
       The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest is led by the University Senate, consisting of the President of the University, deans of the faculties, department managers, faculty representatives - teaching staff and students - all elected from members of the respective councils.        
       Each faculty is led by the Faculty Council, chaired by the Dean. The faculty Council consists of representatives of the teaching staff and students.   

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