Students' participation in the educational process
       The forms of activity included in the curriculum are courses (C), seminars (S), practical work, laboratory work, design, projects without a distinct grade (L), projects with a distinct grade (P), practice activity (p).

       Attendance at all the forms of activity included in the curriculum (courses, seminars, practical works, projects, practice activity) is compulsory for all the 1st  and 2nd year students. The same provision, except for the attendance at courses (which is optional, but recommended) is valid for the students in senior years, as well.

       The attendance record is held by the teachers and submitted to the secretariat of the faculty, monthly.

       Laboratory and design works that have not been carried out in due time can be made up with other groups during the semester. During the last week of the semester two of the laboratory and design work classes, scheduled for that semester, can be made up, at most.

       Student's admission to the exam or colloquium is conditioned by carrying out all the laboratory works for the disciplines provided with laboratory classes.

       The projects with a distinct grade can be completed and defended up to the last day of the semester in which they are scheduled. The student who has missed more than half of the meetings of a project shall not be allowed to defend the project in the semester in which it was scheduled and shall be obliged to redo it, fully or partially, under the conditions set by the course coordinator and announced to the students at the beginning of the semester.

       The deadline for the defence and promotion of a project with a distinct grade is the last day of the autumn examination session. The project must be handed in at least three days before the defence.

       The right to sit any scheduled exam is granted only to the students who have participated in at least two thirds of the aggregate number of classes and applications provided for that discipline. This condition does not apply to the courses where attendance is optional.

       Students who were hospitalized or underwent home medical supervision, students  with a pregnancy or maternity condition, competitive sportsmen nominated by the managers of the academic institutions at the beginning of the academic year and students who were granted scholarships from other universities (for the entire duration of the scholarship) are allowed to sit the exam during the scheduled session. For students who underwent home medical supervision, the exemption shall be approved only by the Academic Board.

       For attending elective disciplines and choosing optional disciplines for the next academic year, students shall request this in writing, before the deadline set by the board of the institution. For elective disciplines, students shall communicate, in writing, to the secretariat, whether they want the grade obtained at the end of the activity specified in the school record transcripts (for the elective disciplines).

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