The Sports hall
       The Sports Hall of the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest is designed primarily to ensure the logistics of physical education and sports activities - further on referred to as core activities - carried out by university students, in accordance with the curricula.

       In the free time outside the core activities in the Sports Hall other activities can be organized:  sports games, workouts, fitness and aerobics, all in accordance with the Regulations regarding the activities in the TUCEB Sports Hall.

  - Individual sports activities for the university students, outside the teaching hours;
  - sports activities, aerobics and fitness for teachers and the administrative staff from TUCEB.

       The core sports activities are carried out with the students, according to the educational plans and the analytical and methodological programs, developed for each subject by the Sports Chair.
       Additional activities are carried out in the time remaining after the scheduled teaching hours and include:
  - Training and matches for the students from the university sports teams, including official inter-university championships;

       For additional sport activities, students, teachers and the administrative staff must register with the Sports Chair after paying the monthly season subscription.
       The access to the gym is allowed for all types of users, on the basis of a badge to be shown at the entrance.

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